Tuesday, August 11

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Garden, 19:19


I began the working day with a forty five minute walk and I finished the working day with a sixty minute walk. In between these I had various online meetings, and wrote various things.

I spent the afternoon with Dennis Biström trying to work out why he could host a Minecraft Education session and I could join it, but I could not host a session that he could join. We tried everything that we could think of and spent the afternoon opening and closing ports, switching firewalls on and off, and ended up no closer to getting him into my hosted world than three hours previously.

We decided to continue this procedure from Arcada on Monday. This will test whether the problem lies in the router at home or not. We had assumed that the problem lay at my end, because Dennis got messages saying he could not load my world. Afterwards I stopped and thought: what if the problem lies at his end. We had assumed that something at my end stopped Dennis joining my world. What if something at Dennis’ end stops him from joining any world?

To test this we will need a third person. And so the bubble grows…

As I return from my second walk, thinking about all this, and see a very large spider on the house wall. For reasons connected to various nursery rhymes it suddenly seems very appropriate, so I photograph it.