Wednesday, August 12

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Puotilantie, 8:27


Yesterday the weather turned colder, and today it turned colder still. I walked briskly for forty minutes under an overcast sky.

Towards the end of the walk I find myself by the sea, and stop to photograph the reflections that the overcast light make possible. The ducks have all gone, I notice. I could probably find a metaphor there if I needed to.

My morning will get completely diverted by a Windows update that will literally take all morning to download and install. It warned me that it counted as a major upgrade and, sure enough, when I finally get access to the computer, my taskbar will have turned from black to mid-gray. I will also notice an unmovable icon on the gray taskbar labelled Talk to Cortana. A major update indeed!

While Windows talks to itself I will do some home tasks, including setting up a new security lamp in the carport. This will involve removing the now defunct thirty year old previous lamp. This, in turn, will involve using WD40 to try to persuade the completely rusted screws to accepting me unscrewing them.

A lot of time will pass on the top of a ladder.