Friday, August 14

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Humikkalantie, 8:34


I had found a new podcast yesterday called More of Less, about the maths of everyday living, and I downloaded some and listened to three episodes this morning on my walk.

The podcasts originate as short programmes on the BBC World Service, and feature Tim Harford who writes the Undercover Economistcolumn in The Times and Slate. Apparently More or Less won the Royal Statistical Society’s 2010 award for statistical excellence in broadcast journalism, and Mr Harford was made an Honorary Fellow of the society in 2017.

I chose some random episodes to listen to from the long list available, since many of the more recent ones seemed, for obvious reasons, to concentrate on various aspects of the media coverage of the pandemic, about which I have already read a lot. The ones I listened to made me want to listen to more. One particular episode from January 24, called Netflix and chill proved especially interesting, and I recommend it to everyone.

As I walked I passed the adult gym by the stream by the new housing estate. For once it had nobody using it so I paused to photograph one piece of equipment. I then used another.

I got home to begin a day of Zooming and writing which would have a clear end point. At 16.45 we would both leap into the car and head to the British Embassy for the first Well in the Park since March.