Monday, August 17

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Arcada, 12:21


This morning I played normality, a game that involves getting up, having breakfast, cycling to Puotila, getting the metro while wearing a mask, and walking to Arcada.

I completed Level 1 successfully.

At Arcada I spent two hours trying to work out the Minecraft network problems with Dennis who started at home and then ended up two floors down squatting in the corridor outside his wife’s mother’s apartment. Things worked sometimes and not others, as they always have so far.

We both ended up completely puzzled.

Jutta arrived and saved me from this circular testing which (I suspect) could have gone on forever. We collected our new phone SIM cards and then walked to the mall to see the new S-Market.

It now has an in-house sushi stand that seems to make its own sushi, live and in person. It has a wide variety and all of them look good. They seem to contain a lot of filling. You serve yourself, putting them into the box, adding ginger, wasabi, and so on, and then weighing them.

They cost 19.90 a kilo.

Now I sit at my desk with some sushi that I bought there. It tastes as good as it looks: which means it tastes about ten times better than the free Wednesday deal at China Flavor.

I will spend the afternoon in Zoom meetings while sitting with Jutta and Mirko in A303. This either counts as better or as completely stupid. I know not which.

I will finish the day by narrating an over-long slide show for Wednesday’s online Arcada Day, which I will unfortunately find myself unable to attend.