Thursday, August 20

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Palttinakuja, 9:42


As I near the end of my morning walk I stride up the road that runs parallel to ours and into the woods where I turn left and head towards the tennis court, before turning left again and entering Rohdinkuja.

I have spent my walk listening to Laurie Taylor talking to several academics about the quantified self movement. One of them, Jerry Muller, has written a book called The Tyranny of Metrics which I should seek out.

I will spend the day writing and reading, interspersed with some Zoom calls with Jutta to discuss plans and the potential of Todoist. I will take copious breaks and wander in the garden while the heatwave still continues. I will sweep terraces, pick apples from the overhanging apple tree, and sit doing nothing.

Jutta will phone me to check if the phones work now.

They do.