Wednesday, August 26

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Kluuvi, 18:08


I spent the morning editing the 50th episode of Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse, in which we looked back at what we had done so far and laid out a roadmap for the future. It proved remarkably easy to edit and as I listened to it it dawned on me how much work lay hidden in the promises we had made.

I therefore sat down and went into planning mode. I combined some tasks, and made others into teaching examples for the courses I will teach in Autumn. Having done all this I felt hungry.

Whatever we had on our plates at the time, we missed the opening of the new south Indian restaurant a few weeks ago. We make up for this tonight.

The South Indian restaurant sits at the back of the food court on the second floor of Kluuvi. This has good and bad points. For the customers it removes the restaurant from any feeling of sitting in a food court. For the owners it makes it slightly harder for customers to find it. If they manage to attract a dedicated clientele this will work for everyone.

They should attract a set of avid fans because they have a deliberately limited menu, in which everything tastes just right. I share onion pakoda, and then have vegetable kurma. They even offer Kingfisher beer, which I haved not seen since February.

Before the food arrives I photograph the service. I will leave feeling like an avid fan.