Thursday, August 27

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The woods, 8:17


The weather has more or less stopped pretending to represent summer, while leaving enough hope to continue to believe it might prove possible to cycle for pleasure at the weekend.

I notice with approval that other people still wear shorts or lycra as they walk or jog, although I also notice with a weary dismay that others have begun to add layers of autumn or winter clothing.

I walk through the woods listening to All in the Mind, another podcast from the BBC’s Radio 4. I listen to people discussing imposter syndrome, and food allergies in pre-adolescent children until eventually I cave in and switch to listening to Afrika Bambaataa for the first time in a decade or so. Planet Rock still sounds as good as I first did when I first heard it in Brixton in 1982.

I will arrive home ready to leap into the work I laid out yesterday. I will dive deep into blocks and block design in WordPress, using the new Miaaw site as a working example. I will have an hour of Zoom talk with Sahan, in which I will demonstrate Minecraft to him.

If this all comes together, I will not know whether to feel happy or surprised.