POSTED: August 18, 2020

I only found out very recently about Shivers, a boardgame that has raised over $576,892 of the $40,000 that the makers actually asked for. The final game should arrive in shops in July 2021.

The core game consists of six pop-up rooms, that rearrange themselves for each game. The mechanics look intriguing, to say the least.

Andy Logan created the game, and according to his Kickstarter bio,

Andy is a veteran of California’s legendary design consulting culture, having helped launch dozens of award-winning products over his 20+ year career. But he’s also a dad with a young family, who is seeking to bring some magic and mystery into their lives. So he created The Shivers to bring that feeling of spooky mystery to his family, and its been catching fire ever since!

The Kickstarter has finished, but you can see the official site here.