Goodnight Yahoo

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POSTED: August 28, 2020

Today Tiina Räisä emailed me to tell me that she had recently got a number of emails claiming that I had sent them from my Yahoo account. She wanted to know if I has sent them, and if she should open them. No and no, I replied.

I haven’t used my Yahoo account in about a decade, and I haven’t checked it since 2017. I have kept it for historical reasons, and to see how its design has or hasn’t kept up with current trends.

Thanks to Lastpass I still had the password to hand. I went and looked at it and, lo and behold, I could see nothing but spam and newsletters that I had subscribed to years ago and which still persisted. I decided that the time had come to finally close it, and so I did.

Closing a Yahoo account involves several more steps than strictly necessary, but I managed to do it. I fully understand that this will not prevent spammers spoofing my (now non-existent) Yahoo email address, but it will enable me to know that my account has not played a part in the process.

An era has ended. SomeoneCalledOwen lives no more!