Friday, August 28

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Lappeentie, 8:31


I have no time for podcasts today. I have a mind full of other things. I walk along juggling thoughts of Minecraft, Wordpress, and the forthcoming makeover of the Miaaw site. I need to make all these work together.

By this stage I have a fairly clear idea of what I need to do in Minecraft, and I seem to have gathered the key people I need to make this work. I will find out on Tuesday if I can conjure up the administrative backing to put the final piece of the jigsaw in place.

The CMS course and the miaaw redesign should fit together reasonably well. My main concern lies with the fact that I have promised myself to leap on board the Wordpress blocks bandwagon this year, and my reading and viewing have left me more rather than less puzzled about its supposed virtues.

As I walk along I look down and see an imaginary tree. I stop and look at it. I stand there and eventually photograph it. It feels like a glimpse into Flatland.

In the afternoon the Minecraft project will make a large leap as I have a meeting with two students who would like to help with it. I will finish the working week in a happy mood.