Wednesday, September 2

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Raitamäentie, 8:32


I changed my route this morning, when the weather proved surprisingly warm and sunny for the second day running. As a result I found myself turning into Raitamäentie and looking down its entire length.

I listen to a second episode of the Humanist podcast What I Believe, this time with Janet Ellis, former Blue Peter presenter and now author of fine fiction. I find it interesting, which I had not really expected. The format feels very unforced and the episodes so far lightly edited.

I will spend the morning making final preparations for my first course of the academic year: CMS. I have 38 students joining me in Zoom, and so I will make sure that the slideshows work, and that I have a shooting script on my iPad so that I don’t lose my thread when things go wrong.

I will spend the afternoon running the session. All will go suspiciously well.

Hooray, I will say.