Friday, September 4

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British Embassy, 17:28


Once a month Well in the Park offers a peaceful end to the week: a cheap beer and a chat with Tom and Maisa and whoever else wants to chat with us.

This time the entrance arrangements have changed. Instead of turning left and walking down the side of the consulate all arrivals have to turn right and head through the consulate itself. This involves going through the main door, through the lecture theatre, and down the outside stairs to the garden where a few people sit huddled against the encroaching cold.

On entering, I see this display of giant letters. I spend much of my time in the bar thinking of an anagram that I could rearrange them into. Eventually I decide that I can only think of one amusing one. I will simply move the letters to spell GRATE! and leave it as a comment on declining standards of literacy.

I learn that Richard, the deputy ambassador, finished his tour of duty in July, went back to London somewhat reluctantly, and got a posting to Budapest. I also learn that Nina, the events manager, has now moved to Hotel Kamp, where she plays the part of the events manager.

On the way out I decide that moving the letters doesn’t actually interest me anymore. My interest has proved not that grate after all.