Thursday, September 10

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Arcada, 15:00


We have just finished the Vaken project kick-off meeting which took place on Zoom. Christa, Elena, Micke and I had opted to meet live in Arcada and use the big screen and audio system in one of the meeting rooms. We have therefore sat for three hours not looking at our computers, but instead looking at a huge monitor at the end of the room.

But I can see a computer, you squeal.

Yes you can. I had initiated the Zoom meeting so it ran from my laptop but I only actually looked at the screen when I made a presentation about Monday. Com and MS Teams, when I shared my desktop to give a demo.

The four of us had lunch before the meeting started to ave a final walk-through of the agenda, and then at 13:30, when we had a thirty minute break, we went to the coffee lounge for drinks. We found a basket full of Easter Eggs labelled take me. Nobody could work out where they had come from, or why they had appeared now.

My egg had a toy in: moomintroll, in fact. You can see him in the photograph.