Wednesday, September 12

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Hameentie, 13:10

Today was another early morning. Naa was still in Sipoo, and Irma was asleep, when Auo and I left. She was carrying the giant Biggles compendium she is planning to read for her English lesson. It is one of three books in a limited edition box set she is working her way through, and this one focuses on Biggles’ adventures with the Special Air Police. She is uncertain whether to read one novel or all four for her assignment. I can guess which she will end up doing.

I spent the morning working through my doctoral plans for the year. This was made possible by a trip to Aalto’s IT Helpdesk where I finally got all my Aalto accounts working again. I was then able to log in and see what courses were being offered, look at my Arcada timetable, and plan accordingly. I sent Stefa a list of them and arranged to meet Juha next Monday to make sure I had everything under control.

During this I also participated in cable tests in A303, which concluded with the decision that the new cable was at fault, probably due to having too high an impedance. A new new one will be put in this afternoon or sometime tomorrow: one which we tested and does work with my laptop.

Now I am drinking tea, printing out the tickets and details for tomorrow, and syncing my iPad. Outside it has stopped raining but the sky is a uniform grey. The trees are beginning to develop their autumnal look. The cars and trucks on Hameentie are just visible behind them.

In an hour I will begin the second session of Virtual Worlds Research, after which I will tidy up, pack my cables, and leave for home.