Tuesday, September 15

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Arcada, 9:32


I get to Arcada on a number 8 tram, possibly for the first time this year. I cannot remember when the trams stopped driving through Sörnäinen because of the redevelopment work there, but they certainly stopped a month or so before the pandemic began.

This morning, remembering that the buses from Kalasatama now pass by the metro without stopping, because of the redevelopment work there I got the metro to Sörnäinen. As I passed the indicator screen I saw a number 8 due in two minutes. I ran and caught it.

I get to Arcada just as Amanda and Elli log into Zoom. We test Minecraft again. Amanda gets into my hosted world. Elli doesn’t. We discover that Elli has her phone in use as a hotspot and I remember the problems Dennis and I uncovered about that.

We agree to meet again in ten days time, with no hotspotting involved, and I switch my attention to preparing for the afternoon CMS session.

Leaving the room to fill a kettle I pass the kasidesi, the antiseptic handwash. You can see these little tables at regular intervals around Arcada. People have begun to wonder if we will ever reach “normal” again.

If we do then I suspect that it will probably continue to involve increased hand washing.