Wednesday, September 16

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The woods, 8:35


I had a slower start to the day, and a pleasant one too, because summer appeared again, to everyone’s surprise.

I walk through the woods, listening to Moonchild Sannelly and wondering whether she deserves all the fuss or not. The sound makes for interesting listening, and I decide to learn more about her, and her involvement in the music that she puts out. I like educational walks.

Summer will continue for the rest of the day. I will listen to more of Moonchild Sannelly’s work on Soundcloud, read a couple of articles about her, and discover that I still haven’t made my mind up. On the other hand, maybe I should put my mind to one side, because I certainly like listening to her.

At 16:00 I will attend the first doctoral seminar of the academic year. My ability to access Zoom will wax and wane, but I will participate enough to feel glad that I attended.