Tuesday, September 22

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Lappeentie, 8:27


I had a very restless night and woke in the middle of a nightmare in which I had agreed to take part in a tv game show in which I had to try to rescue my child from the sandpit where they lay buried alive.

As I started to wake up, the tv show had ended and the audience had begun to leave and I found myself shouting, “But she is still in there. Help me someone!” A studio-hand said, “Sorry mate, game’s over, you lost” as I opened my eyes to find myself sweating.

Now, as I walk down Lappeentie, listening to Richard and Linda Thompson, I pass a bright red Porsche. I stop to take a picture. I have seen it before but never parked so photogenically.

I will spend the morning in a meeting and the afternoon teaching. I will finish the day with a Zoom tan.