Thursday, September 24

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Arcada, 16:25


This morning I had to come to Arcada to continue with the Minecraft experiments. This morning they worked as they should. We builta world and all three of us logged in. We explored a number of different worlds and planned strategies.

This whole session raised my spirits.

I spent the afternoon in an equally encouraging Zoom meeting that started the Vaken project in earnest. I led one group that will come to some quick conclusions about how we might develop a pedagogical framework for teaching, or facilitating the learning of, a set of soft skills. Christa has another group looking at what might constitute those core skills.

Now, meeting over, I look out of the window at the kind of autumn scene I used to see every day. The tree that I once photographed every month for a year is a wonderful mixture of greens and reds.

I photograph the tree through the window for the sheer joy of seeing it like that again.