Survival Condo

POSTED: September 24, 2020

Listening to the Thinking Allowed podcast this morning, I heard Laurie Taylor interview Bradley Garrett, assistant professor in human geography at University College Dublin about bunkers.

He told a story about Larry Hall who bought an old US missile silo and converted it into 15 stories of underground luxury condos for billionaires.

According to Business Insider

In 2008, Larry Hall purchased a retired missile silo — an underground structure made for the storage and launch of nuclear weapon-carrying missiles — for $300,000 and converted it into apartments for people who worry about Armageddon and have cash to burn.

Hall’s Survival Condo Project, in Kansas, cost about $20 million to build and accommodates roughly a dozen families. Complete with food stores, fisheries, gardens, and a pool, the development could pass as a setting in the game “Fallout Shelter,” wherein players oversee a group of postapocalyptic residents in an underground vault.

You can see the full details at the Survival Condo website.