Sunday, September 27

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Vuosaari, 11:52


Today the sun has grown even hotter than yesterday. I cannot remember an end of September like this. I decide to do the long walk that I have had in the back of my mind since Spring.

I follow yesterday’s route down to Puotila beach, walk under the road and rail bridges, and turn left into Vuosaari. I walk around the outskirts of Vuosaari for ten minutes and then back under the rail and road bridges, but on the other side of the channel.

I stop to take a photograph as I go back under the bridges. My aim is to see whether I can walk back on the other side of the bay and come round to one of the paths I walk down regularly.

Do the two sides meet where I think they do? Yes, but the Vuosaari side of the by curves more than I had imagined and the distance I have to walk begins to exceed what I might regard as a pleasant stroll.

Eventually, though, I do find myself where I expected to, just as the Joni Mitchell greatest hits albums I have had in my ears as I walk come to an end.

Just as I hoped, I find that her later, ignored or derided, albums prove more interesting than her earlier, more famous, stuff.

My feet hurt.