Thursday, October 1

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Arabia, 16:40


I have spent the day in Arcada; mostly with my mask on. I started the day with some Minecraft exploration and then Nicke and I set up a computer in A2 to host a specific world in the Minecraft Education Edition until we turn it off.

It worked. Elli logged in successfully from the north of Finland and I logged in from A3.

I then had meetings, some planned, some accidental, most with masks on; and now I have left the building to head home. I wait for a tram, the second I have taken since March, and photograph it excitedly as it arrives.

Not that excitedly, actually.

When I get home I will log into the world from home and discover that I cannot log in. “Aaagh”, as Auo used to say. I have still not sorted out the issues with the house modem apparently. Some aspect of some firewall somewhere needs tweaking.

I will look at it for ten minutes, and then give up in order to concentrate on practising for my Finnish test tomorrow.