Friday, October 16

YEAR:  2020 | Tags:  | | |

Woods, 8:46


One of the things I like most about living where we do revolves around the many possibilities for walking. I still manage to find alleys and tracks I have never walked before, and it still delights me.

Today I find just such a path, and I take it. Eventually it leads me back into the woods from an entrance I have not seen before. I decide to continue to explore.

I end up on the top of a steep drop. I photograph it. Then I look for a way down that does not involve going back the way that I came.

I end up scrambling down a set of rocks that lead me down to the ground. There I stumble onto the path but cannot tell exactly where I have come out.

I find myself totally puzzled until I finally recognise the houses in the distance. I turn confidently and walk in exactly the opposite direction to the one I intended.