Sunday, September 16

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The Piccadilly line, 10:50

Last night we were tired after walking all day and went to bed early. This morning we woke at about 7:00. Half an hour later we went down for our usual breakfast: toast, jam and apple juice for Auo and Weetabix and orange juice for me. Then we packed and had showers, and sat waiting for Tesco to open at 10:00.

At Tesco we were the second through the door, with Auo announcing that waiting for the shop to open made her feel like an old lady. We bought scotch eggs and yogurt for lunch, and cheese and Aero to take home. Now we are on the tube on the way to the airport, and the journey is very smooth on mostly empty tube trains. We will arrive early.

When we get to Heathrow we will breeze through, onto a full flight where Auo has 19F, a window seat, and I am sitting in 19E, in the middle, next to her. We will finish our Innocent smoothies (the food discovery of the trip), and pass the time reading and writing. We will solve a puzzle in a Nintendo Club Penguin game that has kept Auo baffled for three days.

Irma and Naa have spent the weekend in Sundö celebrating Johan’s eighteenth birthday and preparing the summer house for winter. They will meet us at the airport, and later Naa will go to Kamppi, Auo will go to bed, and Irma and I will celebrate briefly before falling asleep.