Monday, October 19

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Vartiokyläntie, 18:32


Next Sunday the clocks go back, which means that the mornings will suddenly get lighter again, and the evenings will get pitch dark. Today, though, we can still find evening light.

This morning the rain kept me from my pre-work walk. This evening it has decided to do no more than drizzle unenthusiastically. We in turn have decided to walk to Alepa to keep Oatly’s bank balance afloat.

Looking around, as we set off, I notice the faded colours on the leaves on a tree in the garden. I ignore them and then wish I hadn’t. To my surprise I find an even better set of leaves fading in the autumnal dusk halfway to the shop.

Later I will continue to read about pragmatism, and decide that I made the right choice. I have expanded my doctoral research from “a Peircean approach” to “a pragmatic approach”, after discussing this with Mats last week, and I now feel a lot better for it.

It means, among other things, that I can now legitimately include ideas from Dewey and James, and also from Hilary Putnam and others, in the framework that I intend building to house the essays.