Wednesday, February 8

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Room A303, Arcada, 15:30

I have spent the whole day so far “finalising” the DoEL e-book, and rebuilding this site. I began by asking the senible question: should I work with the old database, its 1,200 articles and 27 categories and strip stuff out to simplify it, or should I start with a fresh installation and add articles as I need them? I have spent a large part of the day pursuing the first strategy and I have no thrown everything away, reinstalled Wordpress for the fourth time, and started again with a blank sheet.

It was supposed to be cold today but it hasn’t been that cold. I am looking out of the window at a brightly painted tram waiting in the bright cold. Today I am working late and even when I finally get home at 22:30 it will still not be as cold as advertised.

Minus twenty? Its barely minus thirteen!