Wednesday, October 21

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The woods, 12:21


This morning I opend my computer and appeared to have no internet connection. I opened my iPad and all seemed normal. It could use Firefox, read the Guardian, and download apps from the appstore.

Thus began just over three hours of hijinks of the hair-pulling kind.

I eventually discovered that the modem driver in my Windows 10 computer had somehow decided to send and receive IPv6 data but do nothing in either direction with IPv4 data. I also discovered that if I deleted the driver Windows would almost certainly automagically reinstall it when the computer restarted – without needing to connect to anything on the net.

Once this has worked and I have returned to online connectivity I will stand up and notice the morning rain has stopped. I decide to walk quickly round the block before I have lunch and start my afternoon teaching. I walk in weather that neither rains nor doesn’t rain: an active and somewhat unpleasant form of wet air.

I see a red thread buried in the leaves. Given my adventures this morning, I count this as a slightly sour Nordic joke.