Saturday, October 24

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Stoa, 11:44


A week ago I ordered several items from the library, and now I have walked to Stoa to collect them.

I ordered two books by Michael Moorcock, because I reread The Metatemporal Detective, his collection of Seaton Begg stories, and decided that I wanted to read more.

I also ordered four albums by David Axelrod for reasons that seem a lot murkier. I think I ordered them in order to find out whether I should have ordered them or not. Genius or time-waster? The next weeks or so will tell.

As I arrive at the library I pass the new street furniture, including some full-size fit-for-winter outdoor table-tennis tables. I stop to admire them.

I wonder where you get the bats from? I also wonder whether you can get the bats in January.