Tuesday, October 27

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Fields near Rekitie, 8:00


I step out into wet air, and as I walk the air gets wetter until it would seem fair to call it rain. By the time I get back “fairly heavy rain” might count as a more accurate description.

I walk down to Linnanherrantie and over and into the fields. I step across a stream on the pipes, and then stop to photograph them.

I will spend the morning writing and the afternoon helping students finish an assignment.

I will start by answering emails, and then I will spend some time sending my own out into the world, where no doubt people will prove as eager to receive them as I felt receiving my sackful.

I will write the first draft of a Vaken paper and then write out a list of content for my doctoral papers. I have returned to using Word’s outliner to do this. It seems the speediest and most flexible way of getting things down quickly.

I will dutifully move the lists across to Scrivener for further work, but I will suddenly wonder if I need to do this.