Wednesday, October 28

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Riskutie, 8:45


A break in the rain and I leave like a rocket. The ground remains wet but I walk quickly, with a podcast in my ears.

I notice a puddle in a slightly curve part of Riskutie. The trees reflect in it perfectly. I photograph it.

I will come back just as the rain starts again. I will spend the morning writing and having a tutorial with an MA student. I will spend the afternoon watching my screen as the CMS students present their websites. Some have done quite remarkable work. Even better, none of them have disgraced themselves. The worst I could say about any of them? Adequate.

Given the fact that I have never met them, or seen them in real life, and that the entire course has happened in Zoom, I regard this as a very successful outcome.

In my breaks, I will wander outside and sweep up the piles of leaves that have filled our garden in the past few days. I think we have almost got there. The tree next door looks almost bare.