Wednesday, November 4

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Arcada, 11:45


I arrived at Arcada for what seemed like the first time in months at 9:00 this morning. Only Tomas had got there before me. Maria popped in briefly and then and nobody else would arrive until Klaus turned up just before midday.

I spent the morning working with Amanda and Elli in Minecraft. I feel that we have begun to make headway. The project has started to shape itself in front of us.

I walk back from the toilet and stop to photograph the corridor of A3. I used to find different things of interest to photograph here. Now I feel happy to just take a picture of the corridor itself.

Christa, Elena, Micke and I will have a planning meeting / lunch at Chico’s where I will eat a surprisingly wonderful black bean burger with halloumi cheese. Perhaps I should start going out more.

I will spend the afternoon as part of the first Vaken milestone meeting. This project too seems to have begun to shape itself in front of us.