Tuesday, November 10

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Puotila beach, 8:20


Looking out of the nidow when I wake up, I see very little. We have an autumn mist that reduces visibility to about ten metres.

I have my breakfast and leave for an early morning walk. I walk as fast as possible down to the fields to photograph the mis. I then hurry down to the beach to see what I can see there.

By the time I arrive visibility has increased, but the mist still hangs in the air. I take several photos in which the ducks remain stubbornly invisible. I then take this one.

I will walk back thinking about economics, courtesy of Laurie Taylor and some issues rather nearer to home. I will also think about the podcasts which have taken a longer holiday than either Sophie or I intended.

Yesterday we had a brief planning meeting. We will have another one next week. The podcasts will restart on January 8 and will continue throughout 2021 on a weekly basis.

We have approximately seven weeks to lay all the groundwork.