Wednesday, November 11

YEAR:  2020 | Tags:  | |

Woods, 8:23


As I walk through the woods I spot a street light still on. It will turn off any moment now. I photograph it as it highlights the contrast in the scene.

I will spend a long morning in Minecraft. We will get a long way. Ostensibly playing and messing around we actually cover a lot of ground in terms of answering questions around how the world will generate problems that coding can solve. I come to understand that tools will play a large part in answering this.

We can code two entirely different kinds of projects. We can code projects that create things that have not previously existed. I have almost finished a script that hollows out a space for an underground city, and then roofs it with glass. We can also build tools that increase the player’s native capacities: that making plugging a hole to stop water flowing into the hollow, for example.

Making a Weather God tool would prove useful too: a short script that you kept active the whole time, that enabled you to switch time and weather on or off, depending on what you wanted to do.