Thursday, November 12

YEAR:  2020 | Tags:  | |

Mall of Tripla, 17:42


I have come to Pasila for the annual general meeting ofthe Mall of Tripla. I have arrived an hour early, and wait for the board meeting to end.

This gives me a chance to look at the Mall of Tripla, which I have never seen before. I thought it stood near the train station at Pasila. It turns out that it sits over and around station, so that anyone leaving a train would find themselves walking through the mall to get to the road.

I use a walkway from the other side of the road and end up arriving into the mall on the fourth floor. I immediately bump into an old VW microbus, all painted and ready to advertise something.

I wander around and end up thinking that, unlike Redi, I can see the point of this.