Friday, November 20

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Work room, 8:54


I wake up to this: a complete surprise since neither of the Finnish weather forecasting services had mentioned any possibility of snow yesterday. I find myself looking at the first snow of winter.

The temperature has dropped to one degree celsius. When I go for a walk I feel the ground sliding under me and, without thinking, adopt my winter walk posture.

I concentrate on walking and do not bother with music or podcasts. I have something I intend to get for Irma and, without a few metres I turn towards the bus stop and get the 93 to Itis.

Once I have answered my emails I will spend the rest of the day writing and making notes.

Irma will spot that Finnair have decided to sell their business class meals in selected supermarkets, during the pandemic, and that Citymarket in Easton has them in stock.

Off we will go!