Tuesday, November 24

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Arcada, 11:22


Today I left home and headed to the bus for my weekly visit to Arcada. The weather remained clear but the ground decided to slip and slide underfoot.

I spent the morning in a Zoom meeting with Aga, Ilpo and Oliver. We planned the Gitbook we have promised to produce for Pixelache, as a summary of Social Tools’ work to date. The process itself has proved interesting, and I learned a fair bit from mastering the application.

Looking out of the window I realise that Autumn had sneaked back. I saw a burst of bright autumn yellows, oranges, and browns, with some grass looking brighter than it had any right to look.

I intended to catch a tram in motion but lost interest before one hove into view.

Yesterday evening we watched a documentary on Netflix called The Social Dilemma. Tonight I will participate in the webinar of the movie.

More than ever I have begun to feel that we need the web back. At the very least this has reignited my interest in the papers that I have committed myself to writing.