Wednesday, November 25

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Fields, 8:24


I have gone for a walk while listening to Melvin Bragg interrogating some philosophers about existentialism, or more accurately, about authenticity.

I have walked a long circle and ended up walking along the fields towards Itäväylä. As I get to the main road I turn and walk up an incline to stand at the top and look at the first red signs of dawn in the sky. I look down at a small workshop or factory.

I will spend the rest of the morning in Minecraft, where Sahan will join us. To my surprise and joy, we manage to make a strong connection on Zoom, so the four of us can see each other and hear each other, and explore the world we have begun building at the same time.

We agree that we will repeat this next Wednesday, and next week we will have a more structured introduction to crafting for Sahan.