Friday, November 27

YEAR:  2020 | Tags:  | |

Work room, 8:55


Last night I woke from a long a complicated dream which somehow linked together the world of Minecraft and the stories I told all four children when they went to sleep.

I found myself escaping from some kind of political revolution, grabbing a child as I ran; a child who switched between Luke and Auo. I had a key that opened a door that led us down some stone steps. I had a code: face made a bad dad. As we ran down the corridor the code translated into numbers. Vowels opened doors on the left. Consonants opened doors on the right.

The corridors became steep steps or tunnels at various points, until eventually we ran down a long flight of steep steps to a railway platform. A train came and we jumped in and I had two children with me now.

We sat down next to a human-sized raccoon dressed formally who asked where we intended to go. Auo said “You’re one of the talking animals, so those stoies must have been true. I expect Bill the Crocodile is on the train too.”

At that moment Bill the Crocodile leaned over and said “Hello, everyone ready for adventure?”, and I woke up.

I found myself lying half-asleep wondering if we still had Bill the Crocodile. As soon as I got up in the morning I went looking, and found him. He comes from Fabuland, a long abandoned variety of Lego. Luke and Jack used to have his friends, who also featured in the stories. Now, I suspect, only Bill the Crocodile survives.

Rain will again prevent me going for a walk, so I will settle down for a long day of writing and coding.