Tuesday, December 1

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The fields, 8:32


I had a restless night. I woke at about 2:30 from a deep sleep and then seemed to drift in and out of sleep until the alarm went off. I found myself in that state where I could not tell if I had been to sleep or not. Had I laid awake thinking that or had I fallen asleep and dreamed that?

For some period I either dreamed or thought about walking the streets of Reykjavik. I remembered the Chuck Norris burger place, and the small streets from the hotel down to the centre. I recalled the punk museum housed in a toilet.

Now, after breakfast, the snow has started to fade away. It has disappeared from the garden but still remains in the woods. I go for a walk after breakfast to discover that slush wants to drop out of the sky onto my head.

I stop to look at the houses twinkling through the trees. The rocks in front of my still have a frosted topping.

I listen to an episode of No Stupid Questions and return home just as it finishes.