Tuesday, September 18

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Arcada, 18:30


This morning started early, and the Young Traveller and I walked briskly to the bus stop talking about Legoland and the possibility of staying at the hotel next year. Once at work I spent two hours making sure that the Wordpress instal ations were in place for Advanced Web Apps.

I spent the morning and early afternoon taking the group through an overview of the Administration Panel, including creating menus and installing themes. Then I had lunch (which was breaded pike-perch à la Amica with tartar sauce, lemon and potato puree and sweet potatoes).

I spent the afternoon with the Virtual Worlds Research group. Having spent last week looking at Cloud Party we spent this afternoon installing sim-on-a-stick onto usb sticks and beginning to experiment with it.

Now I have just finished a quick burst in the gym, followed by an even quicker shower, and I am passing the new social area. It has been painted and kitted out with chairs and tables and lamps. It is being used regularly, and seems to be growing into a social area, although not at the moment.

Next I will finish a report for Martti and continue editing the first part of the thesis. At 21:00 I will leave to feel rain starting. By the time I get off the 97V it will be a torrential storm that requires me to hang my clothes up to dry overnight.