Wednesday, December 9

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Woods, 12:34


I have spent the morning exploring Minecraft. At Amanda’s suggestion we worked in Survival mode, rather than using Creative mode as wehave done until now. Sahan joined us and we tried to establish the beginnings of a clear on-boarding process.

I think that we should make the whole process immersive, and give it a formal shape, possibly as quests. These quests should involve conceptualisation and scripting. Initially this could come in the form of “free scripts” received as rewards from previous exercises. Certainly, anyone in their right minds who had survived a couple of in-world days in Survival mode would appreciate a free house script.

Morning over, I go for a quick walk around the block. Since the block includes an area of the woods I pause to photograph a tree.

Later I will return online for a doctoral seminar that will prove both interesting and uplifting. I will realise how much I thirst for human contact of the unexpected sort.