Thursday, December 10

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Work room, 11:10


I went for a walk and experienced the cold. I raced home in search of warmer gloves.

I begin another day on Zoom with a six hour session with the CMS group. They should have reached the half-way stage on their final project and some have done just that. I set the groups up in breakout rooms and then move between them answering questions. Since the questions bear no relationship to each other in terms of topic, or complexity, I find myself jumping from one thing to another with my head spinning increasingly fast.

I look away from the screen to find a cup of tea waiting for me. I take a sip and look at the cards behind.

I realise that I have found something that I cannot do as easily online as in a room with the students. There, I would mix them up or ask them to move places to sit with someone who has a similar issue. This becomes much more cumbersome if it involves switching people between breakout rooms.

“Come over here for a minute and I will explain to both of you” works much better person to person. I will take a moment to talk with Jutta and she will agree with me.

I will finish the day with a Zoom tutorial.