Friday, December 11

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Riskutie, 8:23


Two weeks ago I switched from Outlook to Thunderbird in a fit of open source enthusiasm. Five days ago I realised that it has somehow deleted or lost some appointments in my calendar. I synced and they reappeared after several minutes.

Not good enough: I realised they had gone in the first place because someone sent me a message asking why I had not turned up in a meeting. I put down what I had started and turned on Zoom to began my appearance with an apology.

Two days ago I stumbled upon a still-continuing CyberMonday offer: Mailbird for 77% off. I already knew of it. I looked again. I decided to experiment with it for a year. So far it works well, except for the fact that I can’t seem to accept invitations or get them into my calendar.

I think about this while I walk quickly in a cold even colder than yesterday’s cold. I pause as I turn into Riskutie to photograph the bus stop.

When I get home I will discover that all my sites have been down since 21:18 last night. I will spend sometime in my Linode before I start what I had planned to do today.