Wednesday, December 16

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Itäkeskus bus station, 13:21


Memory plays tricks, and I cannot remember the last time I went out into the world to eat round the same table as other people. It may turn out that I did this last week, for all I currently know.

Whether I did ot not I find myself doing it today. At Irma’s invitation I join her and Sami, and Liban Hassan at Today’s restaurant on the outskirts of Itis, where Tallinninaukio meets the mall. It offers a buffet of extraordinary variety, and I begin with pea soup, before gorging on a variety of salad and vegetarian options. I finish with a cake covered in cream that alerts me to the fact that I should have stopped eating severa plates earlier.

Now I race out to get back to “work” and I find myself just in time for the bus. I walk up in the rain in no particular hurry because I have just seen the driver leave the bus for a coffee.

In thirty minutes I will find myself back safely in front of the monitor warming Zoom up again for my next meeting.