Sunday, December 27

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Aleksanterinkatu, 15:32


We have come to the centre by metro to look around. I have gone to the Apple Centre to get a cover for my new iPad. I have then gone into various games shops to try to find Onirim, but with no luck.

We have walked from Kamppi through Forum and now I have come to Stockmann where I pause to look at the annual Christmas window display. I seem to remember it as more elaborate in previous years, although that may simply suggest that, when accompanied by children, I used to see it through the eyes of a child.

The temperature has dropped noticeably today, and the wind has started to rise. I move quickly on.

I will walk to Academic Bookshop to see if I can find anything to spend my Arcada gift voucher on. I can’t, not today. Alternatively, I see too many things that I could buy, if I had to, but none of them call to me more loudly than the others, so I end up choosing none.