Monday, December 28

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Off Itäväylä, 11:23


This morning we almost started work again. The weather could not make up its mind whether or not it should adopt a holiday attitude, and settled on no rain or snow but a persistent cold, hard wind.

I go for a walk that becomes briefer than I intended because I had underestimated the need for extra clothing to protect me from the wind. I walk deep in thought about the projects I have to do this and next week. In no particular order I have to reimagine the next steps for DGD; create the projects for this; remake the website for so that I can hand it over to its new owners; build a new website for that includes a reimagined discussion forum; create the theme music and/or soundscapes for the three new podcasts; rework my book proposal to meet the objections of the reviewers; actually hand in a finished doctoral paper (and preferably two); and anything else that pops into my mind.

I walk down the ramp from Itäväylä and stop to look at the stones. Looking at them like this I feel like I have woken up to find myself in an Autumn morning. Going down the ramp and through the tunnel under the main road the feeling continues. Coming up again into Vartiokyläntie I walk back into the wind and into winter again.