Friday, January 1

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Vartioharjuntie, 14:50


We woke up into a new year and, as if to celebrate, the weather completely changed. The temperature rose and so the snow melted away. The wind dropped and the sky lightened a little.

After brunch we decided to walk down to the sea and feed the ducks. Irma then decided to take the sticks that Marja had given her and do some nordic stick walking.

She races off at top speed and I have to almost jog to keep up with her. I let her get ahead for a bit and photograph her storming ahead.

We will find a duck and start to feed it. We will watch as five other ducks come racing across the water to join in a sudden feeding frenzy. Finally two larger ducks will come in at top speed, honking as they approach, and show the others how they should do it.

Within seconds all the bread will have gone, hoovered up by the two professionals.