Saturday, January 2

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Tallinninaukio, 14:35


Before Christmas Arcada sent all members of staff a gift voucher which we could use to choose something form I looked through the range on offer (from books, to cheese, to crockery and tools) and chose a proper French frying pan. Yesterday I got an email from posti to tell me that I could pick up my parcel from one of the automatic lockers in Tokmanni in Itis.

We have arrived in Itis to do just that. First, however, I intend to return some cds to the library. I step out of Itis to cross the bridge to Stoa. Everything seems as gloomy as the drizzle that keeps threatening to turn to snow.

I photograph the seasonal decorations in Tallinninaukio, with the sculpture in the foreground. A few people scurry here and there seeking shelter.

In fifteen minutes time we will stand in Tokmanni working out how the locker works. I locate my locker, using the number I have received, and then type in the secret code. Bingo! The locker opens and inside lies a large brown parcel.

The modern world, eh!