Monday, January 4

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Puotilantie, 13:00


Minna, who lives next door, had a bright idea and suggested that we all go to Puotilan Kartano for lunch. She had suggested this once before but the time she suggested had clashed with two online meetings. This time it didn’t.

We drove there and Minna cycled there. When she arrived she told us that she and Tommi had cycled 140 kilometres in the last three days. We confided to her that we hadn’t.

I stop for a moment to photograph the entrance to the manor house. We last came here for the concert they had to celebrate the end of the coronavirus lockdown. They held it in the short interval before the lockdown began again.

The kartano offers a buffet lunch and today I hit the jackpot. The buffet began with sweet potato and ginger soup. Or in my case with two large bowls of sweetcorn and ginger soup.

The salad course offers a lot of salads. The main course offers a lot of whatever you haven’t had so far. We sit there happily full before we leave for home in our different ways.

Later in the afternoon I will leave to check the postbox and wave to Minna who I can see fixing her bike for her next excursion.