Wednesday, January 13

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Vartiokyläntie, 15:00


The snow storm has turned into one so big that meteorologists have given it a name: Storm Toni. Unfortunately this name makes it sound more like a hairdresser than a threat to life and property.

I spend ninety minutes first thing in the morning clearing some but not all of the paths. The snowplough finally arrives in the early afternoon and leaves a tall wall of snow in front of everyone’s drives. Passi and I both find ourselves outside our houses, spending another hour clearning snow. I have run out of places to put it, and so I have to drag it into the woods every few minutes.

I go to check the postbox and, while there collecting nothing at all, pause to photograph one of the neighbours’ cars. They have left it at the side of the road where the snowplough has boxed it in. The temperature should drop to -19 tonight, and if it really does, all the snow will freeze solid and this car will remain there until the snow melts.

I will come back into the warmth as the snow starts up again. I will realise that I will have to go out this evening and spend another hour or two clearing snow before everything freezes.

Gym? Who needs it.