Friday, January 15

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Rohdinkuja, 12:00


I woke up to a temperature of approximately minus 20 celsius. We decided to go for a long indoor walk. Round and round the house we marched.

Because the temperature has dropped so much, the clouds have cleared and the possibility of more snow has dropped to zero. The wind has gone and the sun has appeared in a bright blue sky.

At noon I decide that I need to have a proper walk. I walk down to the end of the road and check the mailbox. Nothing. I stop to photograph it, sitting in a middle of a herd of mailboxes, whose construction Saki supervised when Posti announced that they would no longer deliver to our doors.

That constituted Saki’s last public act before he died.

By the time I have thought this my hands and face have frozen solid and I head back, resigned to not leaving the house again for weeks.

I will talk with Jutta, Tomas, and some students, and finish a final version of the Buddyschool site for export to a server run by Helsinki City.

I will start the weekend which, sadly, will appear no different to the rest of the week. Except for the Lego mini-figure waiting for me to assemble it.